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GUATEMALA Gen. Antigua SHB EP Potrero Estate APCA cert.

GUATEMALA Gen. Antigua SHB EP Potrero Estate APCA cert.
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Model: Guatemala Antigua
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GUATEMALA Gen. Antigua SHB EP Potrero Estate APCA cert.

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Antigua

Estate /Farm Group: Potrero Estate

Art: Arabica

Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai

Altitude: 1500 m ASL

Processing: Fully washed and sun dried


Flavors: Nutty, caramely

Body: Viscous

Acidity: Fein


Located in the Antigua valley of Guatemala, this coffee is from the Zelaya family. Planted in the early 1800′s, the farm has progressed through three generations – and a number of eruptions.

The Antigua valley is one of Guatemala’s oldest and best-known coffee growing regions. The valley’s volcanoes and shallow water table create a dry micro-climate with low humidity, lots of sun and long, cool nights. The coffee region of Antigua is an enclosed valley formed by three volcanoes — the Agua, Acatenango and Fuego. With a flat or gently sloping terrain, it is unlike the other, more rugged coffee growing regions of Guatemala. Most of the coffee trees are planted on the valley floor, which is at 1,500 metres ASL. As a result of the persistent eruptions, the steep valley sides are an excellent location for coffee to thrive in the rich volcanic soils. The microclimate also plays a part in favouring the ripening and development of coffee cherries. In fact, this region and particularly this Finca (estate) produces some of the best coffees in Central America. 

This coffee has an excellent balance of sweetness, body and acidity. It has a delicate profile of flavours that forms a silky palate. The dry fragrance is dominated by a very sweet molasses or burnt sugar. Once released by hot water, there is a beautiful orange blossom in the high notes and lower tones of milk chocolate for the base which linger and linger. If brewed correctly, look for the elusive cigar smokiness bringing a wonderful, spicy, sweet, woody flavour.

Tasting notes: Golden syrupy, nutty aroma, low acidity and caramel sweetness. Velvety body with subtle spicy, floral overtones  and dry long-lasting aftertaste.

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